Duxon Ltd. is a family company engaged in import, export and wholesale distribution of consumer goods, especially from the category of tobacco accessories and non-food products. Founded in 2004. year in Belgrade, with the continuous growth until today is profiled as a serious partner of almost all the leading wholesalers in Serbia ( domestic and international ). Developing excellent relations with our business partners and fulfillment of all tasks in a quick and professional manner has led to the fact that today directly or through our partners we supply around 17,500 shops.

Duxon Ltd. today owns an office building with headquarters in Zemun Polje, 2 warehouses premises with a total area of ​​2,000 m2 and its own fleet. We are proud that we have achieved these results without using any credit debts.

The company currently cooperates with dozens of factories in various geographic meridian: Russia, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, China, Turkey and Serbia. Thanks to the results we have achieved in the Serbian market, we have such conditions in most of our suppliers that we started to export the products under our brand in the countries of the region.



Duxon Ltd. since its inception committed to the principle of operations from its own resources, which led to the fact that today all the purchased goods are paid in advance 100%, all movable and immovable property is owned 100% by the company, and therefore has an almost minimal costs. A direct how we do business exclusively with large chain stores and traditional shops we supply through our strategic partner www.mercata.rs and local wholesalers leads to not proportionately large amount of output of goods from our wherehouse in relation to the size and number of employees in our company. In this sence, because of this kind of concept Duxon d.o.o has a great advantage compared to medium and large enterprises.


As the continuous growth of the quantity of goods that pass through our warehouses have become extremely large, we decided to create our own brands in all categories in which we operate so that we become more recognizable in the market, respond even better to the needs of consumers and extract far greater resources to promotion and still better positioned than it was the case with the already existing brands.


For what we are well-known is the work exclusively with products that have the highest turnout, instead of whole pallets of a certain product. In this way we have achieved far more efficient monitoring over every item from our range of products individually, easier to identify market needs and responding to them, which results in a far better performance of each item than is the case in large companies with a wide range of products that focus on the range of products.


Name: DUXON D.O.O.

Date established: 06.12.2004.

Address: Jazačka 15, 11185 Zemun Polje

Email: duxon@eunet.rs

PIB: 103685422

Identification number: 17596110

Current account: KOMERCIJALNA BANKA AD 205-83958- 26

Activity Code: 51700